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Good Wolf Counselling

Inside us all is a deep desire to align to our natural Self. At Good Wolf Counseling the focus is to assist clients with locating their unique qualities and strengths that lie within and to rise with them.  Too often we can align to beliefs about our Self and others that we learned through our experiences which can nurture blocks and barriers to our True Self. Identifying barriers to our freedom helps us to better understand how we have been affected so we can focus on healing from unhealthy experiences and create space to reclaim our True Self. Good Wolf Counseling is rooted in the belief that a therapy journey begins as a healing journey and continues as a growth journey that aligns with a path of discovering and celebrating the wonders within us, in others and in life.  The more aligned we become with our natural Self, the more we desire to identify barriers, work through them and celebrate in the space we have freed.


The deeper the feeling of disconnect from our Self, the deeper we must travel to locate our Self.  With an array of therapeutic tools and philosophies to draw upon including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy for depression and anxiety, trauma- informed practice, PTSD- informed practice, relational therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy amongst others, Good Wolf Counseling draws upon these tools to assist in working through difficulties as they are identified and are deemed relevant to assisting with working through barriers to our Self. The optimal outcome goal at Good Wolf Counseling is for clients to leave with their own wisdom and tools they have deemed helpful as they continue to navigate their True Self path. There is no race or finish line to our life journey. A journey aligned with our continuous growth, is a journey we do not want to end.  Kelly Pellatt of Good Wolf Counseling believes there is a wealth of wisdom and wonder within us all. She comes from a psychodynamic informed approach to her therapy where it is understood that locating the "Self within", is where we can re- claim our breathe, identify and release our Self from tethers, and flow towards our natural curiosities where new awareness and wonders are discovered and brought back to our minds to draw upon as wisdom.  

"The more we nuture our Truth and guide our Self in this direction, the more aligned we will be with our Good Wolf"


Kelly Pellatt BSW, MSW, RSW

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I believe there is a wealth of wonder and wisdom within all of us.  My work in the healing profession began in the late 1980's working with teen mothers and HIV infected youth.  My drive towards wanting to assist others to rise through adversity compelled my own path of Self growth and led me towards completing my first degree in Social Work at UBC in 1994.  I then worked with the Vancouver School Board as an Alternate Program Worker and Youth and Family Worker for youth facing adversity. My work at an alternate school for teenagers transitioning back to the community after a psychiatric admission to hospital deeply inspired me to pursue a career in the field of mental health. I went back to UBC where I completed a Masters of Social Work degree in December 1998.  I began my career as an adult therapist with Surrey Mental Health and Substance Use Services where I worked from 1999 to 2021. I opened my private practice Good Wolf Counselling in 2020 where I now work full time.  

Early in my career at Surrey Mental Health I received years of hands on training from a psychiatrist who specialises in psychodynamic therapy.  This training included weekly dynamic rounds, studying psychodynamic schools of thought and research, as well as co- facilitating a dynamic group for six years and assisting in the psychodynamic training of therapists whom observed the group with the psychiatrist.  My psychodynamic training deepened my curiosity of imagining our True Self and identifying resistances and blocks to accessing Self. 

My therapy interests are a reflection of needs that consistently arise in the therapy room including trauma informed practice which propels me towards further understanding of client trauma experiences. I have received awareness training that specialises in intergenerational trauma experience, refugee trauma experience, and most recently I completed level I and level II First Responder trauma training for therapists and received my bronze and silver- seal endorsement from the BC Professional Firefighters Association as a culturally competent clinician. Additionally, clients struggling with acute anxiety, depression, addiction related issues and PTSI symptoms (post traumatic stress injury) have compelled me towards seeking training over the years in the areas of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), mindfulness practices, relational therapy, addiction informed practice, and other skills I draw upon as the need arises. 

Acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSI (post traumatic stress injury) can often be a result of internalising compounding negative and traumatic experiences in our life. Our belief structures as well as social and cultural belief structures can make us feel unsafe to release or process traumatic thoughts and symptoms, which in turn can deepen our distress and escalate disconnection from Self and others, and compound imbalance in our life. Sometimes medication prescribed by a psychiatrist or family physician can assist in alleviating some of the above symptoms, but medication cannot process and help us understand and heal from the underlying issues that aggravate these symptoms, but therapy can. 

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"Together we Rise"


Good Wolf Counselling offers individual (one to one) counselling services for:

                                                                    - Adults



I come from a psychodynamic informed approach to therapy (locating Self, identifying and working through barriers to Self and rising with Self) and draw upon a plethora of tools as needed to assist clients on their True Self journey, including but not limited to:  CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for depression and anxiety; ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness tools, trauma informed therapy, addiction informed therapy and relational therapy. 

I see people who struggle with acute to moderate symptoms of:


depression, anxiety, complex trauma, acute stress reaction to trauma (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), bipolar, mild to moderate dissociative symptomology; personality disorders, substance use, and other symptomatic issues that may not be listed here.

Please note, in addition to general counselling services previously mentioned, I see clients approved for counselling with the following organizations which I can direct bill:

  • ICBC

  • CVAP (Crime Victims Assistance Program)

  • Veterans Affairs

  • FNHA (First Nations Health Authority)

Note: If you have extended health benefits check with your service provider to see if you are covered for counselling.

"Together we Rise"

©2019 by Good Wolf Counseling


Kelly Pellatt


Langley, BC

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