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Rise of the Good Wolf:

Releasing Our Self into Our Truth

By Kelly Pellatt

Whether we are looking for a pathway to our Self or just want to be reminded of the inner qualities we desire to nurture, Rise of the Good Wolf is a refreshing and enjoyable read for all of us who seek to deepen the bond to our authentic Self.

In order to nurture our True Self, we must first expose insecurities and fears that block us from our Truth. From the folklore story of the Good Wolf and the Bad Wolf, two voices are found; one represents our True Self and the other our False Self, making it easier to locate them.

Rise of the Good Wolf takes us on a journey and inspires us. Whether we are learning about the life of John Henry Newton - the writer of the hymn Amazing Grace, the plight of Hawaii’s last queen - Lili’uokalani, or the author’s touching stories about navigating through experience to locate her own Truth, the reader is constantly invited to locate their own stories within these pages.

Instead of feeling threatened by the idea that we can cause our Self and others harm by nurturing false truths, the Good Wolf inspires us to want to discover false truths, expose our insecurities, and celebrate in the space we have freed.

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Rise of the Good Wolf

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